Tuesday, October 27


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^



today there's photoshoot!

although i have not seen toma in a while, still he seems busy!

during the interview, chatted a lot on the topic on our jr. days!

tensions are high!

after that, during the another magazine photoshoot, ate curry pot!

the professional chef made it for me!

i want to help out a little bit too, truly quite delicious!

the soup is tasty, the flavor is delicious.

credit: baidu

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pi and his curry post

pardon for my sudden what-seems-like-a-long-dismissal, the past whole week last week..
it wasn't my plan~

last last sunday, at approximately 3pm,
my internet decided to commit suicide and leave me stranded in a no-internet condition for a week..
and during that period,
i was bored to death and
right now, i am sooooo outdated with NEWS and yamapi's news~

commit suicide Pictures, Images and Photos

for these 7 days worth of nikkis,
i will try to translate and upload it asap!

[EDIT: i've updated the 19th Oct entry..which can be found directly below this post ^^]
John John Pictures, Images and Photos

and by the way~
i've finished watching Buzzer Beat!
damn damn nice!

initially, when pi and keiko was attending shows to promote their drama together..
i don't really fancy her..
in fact, i find her quite irritating..
as she is sitting so close to yamapi when the surrounding doesn't seem crowded or squeezy at all..
but after watching the entire drama..
i found her quite a beauty~

Keiko Pictures, Images and Photos
she is skinny..
seems to have the height..
her hair is long and straight..
her eyes are big and pretty..
and her smile is captivating and influential
*envy x1000!*

right now,
she's my role model!!

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