Sunday, October 11





today's weather is very subtle

yesterday, chatted on the phone with toma for a long period of time.

although it's kind of disgusting, for two guys to talk on the phone for so long

the amount of things we wanna say, piled up

therefore, it can't be help

today, still listening to music
feeling great.

this photo was taken when we were filming 「ブザー ビート」 in Karuizawa.

credit baidu

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it has been a long time since i last heard yamapi mentioned toma!
yeah to tomapi!
tomapi Pictures, Images and Photos
i love this picture..
both of them look soooooo cute and sweet~

wonder what did they talk about~

the photo which yamapi-dear took..
it's beautiful~
so green and refreshing~
somehow, looks like he took it in a forest..

sorry that last night i didn't update his nikki on time..
i was out with my friends ^^
while during our meet up..
one of my friend, ashlyn, gave this to me!


an epic chibi yamapi uchiwa!
finally! i got a yamapi uchiwa..

even though it isn't an official one..
but still~~~~~ it has yamapi's egao on it!
*happy happy*

then another friend of mine, peirong, who have just came back from Korea..
bought me some things from Korea too..

here's what she bought for me ^^

and love these 2 prezzies!
the socks is so cute~ plus it's pink too..
and the pendant on the necklace is sweet~
just nice.. i wanted this necklace design..

and here's some tib-bits she bought

then yesterday, me and my friends visit several restaurants..and we ate A LOT!but the restaurant which made me happy is Swensen's
because we ordered and ate their sizzling pan - walnut rocky road

it was sooooooo damn nice!
it consist of a chocolate pie with butterscotch topped with chocolate ice cream, marshmallows & walnuts and chocolate chips!
served in a sizzling pan!!
it wasn't too sweet but it was chocolaty~
*swallowing my saliva*

feel like having it again, today..

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