Friday, October 30





even though it's a little sudden
sometimes, unconsciously, will miss out on something.

that is a feeling which i care a lot, no matter what~
just like that, pondering all by myself before falling asleep.

upon thinking, thoughts such as
can participate in lots of different performances, come out with plenty dance movements, write more lyrics and many more surfaced.

have to start operating all the antennas.

all the ideas come here.

hungry for comments & they are love!
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sorry for this late post..
i was v tired last night x)

while i was translating,
i was thinking what is that important thing which he desire so much~?
after reaching the end of the post,
found is just some antenna..

anyway, as you must have known by now (or not..)
yamapi's loveless pv (short ver.) was released, yesterday!!

i love to see yamapi in white!
in 1 of the scene,
he wore a white outfit sitting in a white background~!
and he look so gentle and handsome in that scene
just like a prince charming~

this is the one:


furthermore, i like to see guys in beanie..
in this pv, yamapi wore it!
and i simply adore that sparkling beanie he wore~!

(he look good in a beanie, ne~)

there's this scene whereby yamapi was sitting inside a vehicle, in his black apparel..

when i was watching this scene

this scene pop up in my head!
Jin in 'One Drop' PV

spot any resemblance?

here is the short ver. PV!

credit arenizs from youtube for posting it up ^^

and here's a video coverage on Making of Loveless PV (with eng sub)

credit CherishTegoshi from youtube ^^

"the music video was filmed in New York due to his request."
i remember him mentioning in 1 of nikki entry..
saying he wanted to go NYC for sightseeing and such~

ne~ his dream came true!
*so envy*
i wanted to go Japan, ne~

the cm for NEWS diamond dvd, was released!~
the cm contains a v v short preview on their documentary and each member's solo PVs!!!!
*scream again!*

here it is:

credit z1y9r8e4 from youtube ^^

original posting:-
date: 10.31.2009
time: PM3:36

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