Thursday, October 15





unable to update, sorry.

truly very busy.
honestly, there's no time to write.

but, with regards to each work, i will work hard in accomplishing it

everytime everytime, will face it with 1000% of my effort

i want to do all the things which i'm capable of doing

i want to complete each of those things, which allow me to be proud of and be full of confidence and pride of, for everyone to see

after all the trouble of being born into this world
i don't wish to live my entire life in vain
thinking of wanting to leave something behind in this world

therefore, there may be times when i can't update

but that definitely is when yamashita, i, am in the process of trying my best

everyone, please stand by me

but if there's some time, i will write my nikki too

hungry for comments & they are love!
please write it in the cbox located at the sidebar <===

finally he updated!

grin Pictures, Images and Photos

according to a-chan @ fb..
looking at the time when yamapi wrote this entry and
this was released at yesterday afternoon..
she is suspecting that yamapi isn't in Japan when he sent this nikki entry..

therefore wasn't sure whether this was written on the 13th of Oct or the 14th..
anyway, personally i think it doesn't matter whether when he update..
me already find it good enough that he write and explain to us the reason why he didn't update the last three days..
in fact, he doesn't need to explain to us..
but he did!

hai! yamapi-dear..
don't cha worry~
all of us here will stand by you

*clear throat*
even Timon and Pumba from Lion King too!

after translating this article,
i can really feel that he really is trying his very best in his current work..
therefore, ganbatte ne!

and i am touched that yamapi rather wants to update his nikki
than using that time to rest while in between/after his work

touched Pictures, Images and Photos

you really deserved to be loved and adored by US!

Me to you bear Pictures, Images and Photos

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