Friday, October 9





today please allow me to attend the dance lesson.

i came with my legs and waist sustaining my entire body weight.

after the lesson, felt like stretching my physique so much, with all my might.

following that, immediately went to dance.

today the natto maki that i have, was rather tasty.

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i help you stretch!
i help you stretch!
(saying it like a kid wanting to help her parent)

hopefully, it would not turn out to be like that when you're ready to go to sleep..

the day before yesterday,
i attended a distant cousin's wedding..
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and he said something during the speech which makes me feel a tinge of sweetness within my heart and laugh at the same time too..

he said "my money is her (referring to the bride) money and her money is her money"
so sweet and cute of him to say that in front of all his friends and family

wonder what will my future husband say for his thank you speech??

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