Friday, October 16





yesterday bought a kakkoi painting!

bought it as i fell in love with it at first sight.

without hesitation, i said, "please give me this".

after that felt very happy.

it's been so long i never have felt like this when i'm purchasing things.

should i learn photography and/or drawing~.

thinking of designing something by myself.

alright, decided!

i shall come up with something.

hungry for comments & they are love!
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love at first sight with a painting..
now how i wish i was the painting~

why didn't he took a picture of the kakkoi painting?!
curious how does it look like??
it must be something amazingly perfect
that's why can catch his attention..

did you notice of the weird timing again?!
why is it that these 2 days he keep posting his nikki up in this timing?!

could it be true that he isn't in Jap~?

designing something by yourself??
you can try designing the cover for your single!?
just like what tegomasu did for their concert merchandise..
i don't mind adding it into my collection of NEWS discs..
in fact,
i'll adore it ^^

PS: seeing from your past drawings in Wink Up mags, i don't think your drawings would be as bad as the concert dvd cover~ lol!

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