Sunday, October 4





today very busy

will write again tomorrow Peace Pictures, Images and Photos

today i have been singing non-stop music Pictures, Images and Photos

it's been a long time i've used so much emoji at one go

hungry for comments & they are love!
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singing non-stop?!
could it be that he is recording for his latest single??
yeah! ^^

good news to all Singapore yamapi fans!
you can purchase your very own unofficial Buzzer Beat dvd from all TS outlets..
although its packaging isn't as delicate as the japan official version would be..
but it is better than nothing, right~?!

and by the way,
i've ALREADY bought it!
*jumping around*
at last, i can finally see yamapi's great kiss and slowly enjoy tons of pi-sama's half naked bod scenes
Drooling Pictures, Images and Photos

when i saw it displaying on the shelf this evening,
my sis, who was standing beside me, told me that my reaction was damn funny..
she said i look like a crazy person holding onto the dvd and look as if i'm going to cry any minute later on..
fortunately, i couldn't remember anything at all..
when i recalled what happened in the shop, a few hours ago..
my mind is completely BLANK!

interesting ne~

nevertheless, right now..
TS have sales!
they are selling 2 jap dorama DVDs for S$29.90!
quick, go grab it!

i'm so gonna watch it tomorrow!

oh! sorry for this late update

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