Thursday, March 17



for not being able to update continuously, i'm sorry
firstly, i want to express my deepest consolation to the people who are affected by the northeast area earthquake and tsunami disaster

people in the affected area, you may have to spend tough and long days

please do not give up
all of you are not alone
i will support all of you
everyone working hand in hand, not giving up, work hard together

stocks condition at convenience stores all over Tokyo are gradually short in supply
please do not panic, react to crisis calmly

i will look for things which are within my capabilities, strive hard to contribute on my part

allow all of us to step by step continue going forward

hungry for comments and they are love!
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my deepest consolation and blessings to all Japanese.

the whole world will be together with all of you!
don't feel alone and scared (even though it's inevitable), ganbatte!
i believe right now every corner of the world are doing their best in helping you in building your hometown!

original posting:-
date: 3.20.2011
time: 6:52PM

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