Monday, March 21



say something trivial.

today, a friend sent a short message to me to say
even though the condition is very serious, one can start from things which one can attained from their capabilities.
a very optimistic content.

it seems like he is preparing to do something similar to this too.

i will also work hard in provding everyone with a peace of mind and hope.

after a while the earthquake aftershock will reduce
things like uneasiness will be improved
definitely everyone will be surrounded by the awareness of positive rejuvenation.


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ganbatte nippon!
i believe that if all of you were to stick and work hard together,
all of you will be able to pull this through.

in addition,
all of you are not alone.
every corner of the world is doing their best in helping all of you.
regardless of whether it's financial help or material help,
minna ganbatte!

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