Tuesday, March 1



good evening!

immediately set off to the question segment

yucchi san

thank you for your nikki updates all these while!
because i gained genki-ness from reading your nikki
sometimes it's touching, and heartwarming
to write nikki for such a long time, isn't an easy task
thank you tomohisa kun for being able to persevere in continuing it!
in the future, if there is time to update, i'll be very happy!

(question) what will you be wearing when you are at home, in the state of relaxation?
recently, what is the apparels and accessories that you like?

to be able to receive a short happy message from you, i'm grateful too

what will i be wearing

shorts with t-shirt
a very normal dressed up, sorry

favourite accessory is the

in addition, it's the same as okura and shota 

today, the rehearsal was done

next will be the concert in Nagoya

much anticipation! 

hungry for comments and they are love!
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or you can post your comments in the comment box beneath this post ^^

i think it isn't a bad idea for pi to reply his fans letter through his nikki.
this way, he can update his nikki.


  1. ^-^ It's nice for Pi to update his nikki this way because - Pi gets to write - and the fan knows that Pi got the letter