Saturday, March 12

no entry

pi-sama didn't update his nikki.

by now everyone should be aware that Japan had been struck by the massive earthquake and tsunami.
hope everyone in Japan who is being affected by it, overcome it with strength.

and to everyone who is worrying about the Yamashita family's condition,
don't worry as someone saw Rina tweeted in her twitter account that she and her family is safe and sound!!
*god bless*

you know what!
i don't think it's a great timing for pi-sama not to update his nikki at a crucial time like this.
he should at least update his nikki by saying that he is safe and sound.
just a few words, it will ease every fan's worrisome thoughts and feelings.
hopefully, pi-sama update today.



  1. Hello!! It's my first time to view your blog. Kinda interesting coz I'm a fan of him \♥/ i'll visit this everyday and may i know how to sign up in Nikki? thanks!! :)

  2. hi!! welcome to my humble blog :) unfortunately, we cannot sign up for any of the JE boys' nikki :( only people who resides in Japan will have the opportunity to subscribe to this service.

  3. oh, it's okay!! mehehe~~thanks for the info.i was really hoping to have an account on Nikki but.. i swear i can trust your blog. \♥/