Saturday, March 5

no entry

pi-san didn't update his nikki.

BAD NEWS to me!!
*lightning claps*
my mum forbids me to go Thailand, Bangkok!!!
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she said that she can't be not worried about me going there as i am a girl and that she's afraid that people will take advantage on me.
in addition, my aunt can't stop telling her all the bad things about BKK.

i tried to pacify and convinced her but she INSIST to not let me go~!

i know that she's doing this is all for my own good.
i can't bear to not watch this concert when i know i owned the ticket  x|
my dream of seeing him live will not be coming true so soon.



  1. ......*speechless*.......

    Positive Thinking: We'll just have to wait until NEWS have there 'World Tour'

  2. I think you may ask your mum to go with you XDD
    P.S : I had joined YAMAPI's concert in Hong Kong \^O^/
    Hope that you can persuade your mum (pray)

  3. @newsxo: guess that's my only choice~ (._.)

    @Anonymous: thank you for your kindness. i told her to come along with me (with me paying her air ticket), she still doesn't want to go. i think no matter what i do, she wouldn't want me to go >.< what! you attended pi's concert in HK!! does he really v beautiful and handsome in real life?! you are soooooooooooo lucky!!! where are you from? do you reside in HK?
    guess i only have to imagine how handsome he is, to have an answer to it X)

  4. I live in HK ^O^
    YES! P is very HANDSOME >///<
    In fact, i think there are no differences between the real one and the one on our screens!!XD
    But, It is true to say that the real one is .. somehow more beautiful than we can imagine(?)XDD
    Although this time you can't meet P in the real life, I think you must have a chance to do so in the future!! Don't be sad~^O^
    I think P will try his best to meet every fans around the world. ^O^
    Cheer Up ^O^

  5. ahhh!! i wanna witness him being more beautiful than we can imagine!! i really really wonder how beautiful and handsome he is in real life?! i can bet that my heart will go beat damn fast if i were to see him live! :D

    hai! *trying not to become sad* i will hold onto this belief :) thank you.

    ♥ the idea of you saying "... P will try his best to meet every fans around the world." somehow it did comfort me ^-^