Wednesday, March 2



today, i shall express my thoughts and questions as follows

hello, i've been gaining motivations from yamaP's nikki,
from today onwards please take care of your body and ganbatte.
my question is, because i'm of the same age as yamaP's mother,
is it okay to be full of zest in supporting you during concert?

this has nothing to do with age,
please support in high spirits

and for yesterday's question, i forgot to state the answer.

next, what type of character are you looking forward to act?

this way~.

it's too difficult to make a decision~

no matter what character, i want to try it out.

it's the character of a criminal, or those very special character, which do i prefer to act it out?

but no matter what i act, i will have the challenging attitude to work hard in acting it!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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or you can post your comments in the comment box beneath this post ^^

personally, i think it will be great if yamapi get the chance to act as a baddie in a drama - something off the norms.
then, there will be ample chances for us to see him wear cool clothings and maybe to see the cool facial expression that he must show, when using the gun :)

or he can also act as a geek!?
so he can stretch his limit and potential, and we can witness something which (i don't think) we will have the chance to see in the near future.

original posting:-
date: 3.3.2011
time: AM2:03


  1. I want to see him acting as a baddie too *dies*

  2. I would to love see him act as a geek! I can imagine him wearing Shige's geek costume from Shalala PV

  3. @Georgiana: i can imagine him wearing Keanu Reeve's big black coat in Matrix together with that black sunglasses. he will look v cool~! hehe :)

    @newsxo. yah! or it would be awesome if he can wear a wig and outfit like ryeowook (super junior) in Attack of the Pin-up Boys [] BEST! hehe.