Sunday, September 27





today i'm writing lyrics.

cannot continue on as there's no train of thoughts in mind

therefore, shall update tomorrow

hungry for comments & they are love!
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yamapi-dear sounded stress and depressed..
don't press yourself too hard, yar~!?
if the inspiration doesn't want to pop up, then go take a break..
rest your mind~
maybe while resting, you'll discover something even better than that which you desperately squeeze it out?!

finally yesterday,
i did something which i've always wanted to do, for the past 2-3 days..
after i've bought my pi's so-yesterday photos..

well, here is what it is!

these were done in yesterday afternoon

and these were done, if i'm not mistaken, 1 year ago

do all of you like it?!

actually it isn't anything big..
requiring massive effort and strength..
but still, i feel like sharing with all of you
i shall name this masterpiece as "yamapi in my closet"
LOL! what a weak name~

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