Wednesday, September 2

no entry

yamapi didn't update his nikki..

last night, this is how i felt after translating 14 entries at one shot
tired Pictures, Images and Photos
for 7 hours!

after translating the last entry,
my whole body and head were aching like Shit Pictures, Images and Photos
that is why, i decided to translate this entry today..
gomen! x)

i survived from my tests and exams!
VICTORY! Pictures, Images and Photos

right now, i'm super excited to update myself with NEWSのnews ^^

regarding the OMG news, miru mentioned in my tagboard..
i went to search for the news..
here's what i found:
(sorry, i couldn't hyperlink it as blogger failed me)

"the cool Yamashita turned all gushy and red faced," ← this must be yamapi drank, that's why his face are red..
"while Suzuki got all touchy feely."
Disgusted Pictures, Images and Photos
suzuki getting all touchy?!
eww~ she must be touching herself..
and not pi!

cat listening to music Pictures, Images and Photos
*ignoring the potential fact and not listening~*

yamapi, yamapi~
scolding Pictures, Images and Photos
how dare you..
when i'm away for 2 weeks for my revision..
you started attending party privately and get yourself all drank!!!!!!
*tsk tsk*

enough with the joke..
onto more serious stuff..

ryopi was infected by the Influenza type A..
more info: &

oh no!
lightning strikes Pictures, Images and Photos
hope that ryopi is resting well at home right now..
and maybe that's the reason why yamapi didn't update his nikki yesterday (09.01.2009)

oh dear~
please take care ne!
hoping that nothing big will announce, later this week..

they sure are close, best friend, to have caught the illness together..
wonder which idiot pass this illness to them!
maybe they're too tired from hosting 24hr tv, that they're body is weak..
then accidentally caught it from somewhere/someone~

thinking Pictures, Images and Photos

gosh! i had so much to say..

oh! how can i forget!
thanks rienhanikoma, ten-chan, miia and miru
for all of your blessings!
thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much!
*hugs and kisses*

and lastly,

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