Sunday, September 6

no entry

again, yamapi-dear didn't update his nikki

one of the Buzzer Beat crew mentioned yamapi-dear in his/her blog post..
here's my translated version:


hi everyone, i'm niku

really sorry for the late update

this period of time, because yamashita-kun was infected with influenza A
resulting in everyone being worried
but, from today onwards, it will be back to normal~

we received lots of heartwarming messages, truly grateful
episode 9 will be smoothly aired as scheduled
please not to worry, everyone

it's been a while since yamapi had been so energetic, all of us are at ease too
everyone please be careful not to get infected

till the final episode, need to work hard too
so please continue to support us till the last episode

in that case, see you next time

the crew even uploaded this photo

NOTE: everything taken baidu
credit to baidu

at least now,
we know that yamapi is doing great for his drama shooting
ganbatte ne, yamapi!
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