Wednesday, September 16


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




today all the ARCS team members had finished shooting their parts.

indeed still can't bear to part.

in order to be able to play basketball again with everyone.
everyone brought home the jersey! ↑

if we are able to form a basketball team
and play a match together, that'll be great.
everyone said this

then let's make this come true↑!!

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*lightning strikes*
when i was about to translate yamapi's yesterday nikki..
this title caught my attention!

literally it means, "yamapi dating for 3 months already"

*lightning strikes again*

this time,
the other party is a mix..
she's a half canadian half japanese model.
(PS: she's not another AV, phew~)
and her name is..

here's more info:
yamapi dating for 3 months already
click on the link provided in the webpage after you've entered the above link

this news come from the yahoo! Japan website..
anyone mind translating what the original japan news article said?!

my nihongo really C.M.I.

here's the translated version of the article
RUMOR: Yamapi dating Kagami Seira... ?
credit: sayaw16kimy & daelite from news_jpop @ lj

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