Tuesday, January 11




today, i'm actually in Thailand
fans came to the airport to fetch me, felt very touched.
it seems like everyone is reading my nikki too.
this is a pleasant surprise!

once again, i felt that
there's the me today is all because of the fans from all over the world.

thank you.

thank you so much
i really appreciate to every my fans.
love u!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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i'm touched and surprise to see the last three sentences written n English.
didn't expect pi to type these sentences (esp. the last one)

hopefully one day,
he will be able to type his entire nikki message all in English :]
(then i can save the trouble from translating xP just joking. haha.)

original posting:-
date: 1.20.2010
time: AM1:14


  1. xP Pi's following Ryo-chan, but Ryo usually just types two words in English (Hi Wassuppppp !!!!!!)
    haha, but I do think one day Pi will write his entire nikki in English

  2. lol! majide? ryo-chan always type that?! (i don't follow ryo-chan's nikki, that's why i'm not aware of it >.<) it's cute that he typed wassup as "Wassuppppp" :D it makes the fans who read his nikki to feel that he is happy and excited to update his nikki :)