Thursday, January 20

no entry

there is no update from pi.

by the way,
i'm sooooooo terribly sorry for the disappearance from the translate world for almost 2 weeks.
i didn't mean to go missing in action for these past 2 weeks X)

for these past weeks, i have been rather busy with my work.
i have been on-site for an event at Marina Bay Sands from the 4th of Jan to the 16th (working hours from 0900 ~ 1000 *faint*)

i was so freaking tired to the extent of not having the energy to on my laptop to update myself with pi's and NEWS' no news and to translate pi's nikki; therefore, i have no choice but to let it piled up.
and today, since i'm quite free, i have decided to translate this pile of entries - to stop it from growing to an uncontrollable size X)

and also,
i can say that i am freaking not updated with pi's news.
can someone please update me on pi's juiciest news/rumors? ^-^

hungry for comments and they are love!
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  1. Don't be sorry for not updating,
    I didn't really realize until yesterday that the last time you updated was two weeks ago,
    but to be honest, doesn't everyone seem busy in January, I know i've been busy.

    Well what can I say...
    Pi will perform “Hadakanbo” on Music Station on the 21st

    From tokyohive talking about the private viewing

    Thats all the Pi news I can think of now

  2. thanks for the update and am still feel sorry for not being prompt in updating pi's nikki >.<

    you know what!! now (sunday, 23 Jan '11) then i know that yamapi went on to MS!! *failed* it's okay, right now, i'm downloading all the videos of MS :D

  3. as newsxo said don't be sorry
    we can't blame you for that ;)