Sunday, January 30

no entry

yesterday was the first day for pi's overseas-solo-concert in Hong Kong!!!!
there must be a lot of last minute preparation that needs to be done for it.
therefore, there wasn't any update from him yesterday.

have all of you seen the photos of the concert goods?
what do all of you think?
personally, i'm not really impress with the design and outcome of the goods.
they aren't what i expect (or should i say, expecting).
it's tooooooooo simple and somehow i felt there isn't any sincerity in making it =\
if i have to say at least 1 thing i like,
then i think i will have to say the photos (shop and concert).

should i edit to 3 things instead?
because personally, i find the picture taken for the front of the clearfile is nice and the pamphlet too ^-^

in addition, i read the setlist.
he didn't sing 'Flavor Favor For You'!!
i am interested in finding out how he will perform for this song~!!
and from the setlist, i find the concert is a bit short X)
do you think so too?!


  1. Hi there,
    Do you have the full complete setlist of the songs he sang at the concert? Thanks.


  2. hi! you can visit this livejournal to view the entire setlist :) (this considerate fan also include the position of where yamapi stand/perform on stage ^^)

  3. O_O you love Flavor Favor too ? I love you much and much more ^^ : p

  4. yup! i like Flavor Favor For You :) the melody and the way he sings it, it's superb! hehe. you like it too?

  5. Yes of course I like it ! We've got a lot of common point <3 ^^