Saturday, August 6



it truly is a nice weather after some time
even though the weather is hot, my mood is great!

recently i've been using the washing machine, therefore i've became quite familiar in using it
but it's time consuming.
once again i felt that
it will be a waste of time
if i don't do anything while waiting for the clothes to be washed.

towards mum and those people who live alone
whom they have to wash their clothes every day.
i pay my respect to them

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i think washing clothes isn't difficult at all.
as you just have to throw all the dirtied clothes into the machine, add some detergent and fabric softener and wait for the machine to inform you that it had done washing the clothes :D

whereas i think cooking is much difficult than washing.
cooking, you have to prepare all the ingredients (from slicing to dicing), think through the processes of cooking the ingredient to the finale of adding flavoring to it.
in addition, you have to bear with the splattering of the oil, the soot, etc.
from these, i have to truly pay my respect to all mothers who have to prepare scrumptious meal to their families.
i respect all of you! :)

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