Wednesday, August 31



it's the Q&A section after a long time

aya in sendai-san's question.
"frying you prefer it hard or soft?"

if it's fried egg, i prefer it to be soft.
half cooked.

i'm sorry it's normal 

sabukichi-san's question.
"i'm on diet, however i'm always being defeated by enticement.
if there are any secrets for being success, please tell me!"

by always thinking that you are on diet, one will look shag.
it's bad if you bear with it, hence
eat when you are hungry
next day just run a few more miles, it will be of no problem

SHIORI-san's question
"so far of all the doramas you've acted, which are the ones that leave the greatest impression??
or the scene which left the most impression, please answer!"

every drama left the most impression.

i'm sorry, SHIORIchan.

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