Tuesday, November 15



today's question is from YUKA-san, Chiba Prefecture.
"i can't find something which i feel like doing.
and i'm not sure what are the things which suits me...
YAMAP, how do you find
things which you feel like doing?"

this question isn't easy to answer.
i choose this job when i was studying in elementary school
therefore i didn't thoroughly though about it
why did i think of taking up this job
in any case i was happy by then,
and i feel that it's interesting.
still it's better to find something which is interesting?
i think you should find a job which makes you happy.

or, try reading several books.
it's not a bad idea to expand your knowledge!
this way, the number of options to choose from will gradually surface.
do not panick, ganbatte!

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love pi's advice.
sincere and true ^^
if only, i have a mentor like him to answer all my queries during difficult times, right on the spot :\

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