Monday, November 7



today's question is from RIIPON.

"right now, i'm in the midst of the exam period, extremely exhausting!
please say a few words for me!!
also yamapi, what is the most tough
and sad things happened, during your collage life?"

even though it's not something specially tough,
if i have to state one, that will be the cold during the early morning
coming out from my blanket is truly tough (laugh).

although i think exams are difficult,
in future
there will be a day which i will think "it's great that i revised"
or "it will be good if i were to revise",
which will it be.

if i were to choose, i will think "it's great that i revised"
is better

therefore at this moment, please work hard in the midst of being exhausted!

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  1. aaaah they r so luky to be able to ask him I want to ask too .... but am too shy so propblly i want :( I heat that