Thursday, November 3



it's been some time since i've been to the salon.
nevertheless, my hair is too long! laugh

most likely this is the first time i had my hair so long.

however, the hairdresser's hair washing skill is superb.

because it's too comfortable, it terribly difficult to keep yourself awake when you have your hair wash! laugh

really comfortable.
i shall have my hair wash everyday.

that's impossible. laugh

after that, i practiced for a while.

to start practicing, it's troublesome
but if you are thinking of starting your practice
you will feel that time flies.

to all students who will be taking their exams! good luck! rather than feeling regretful in future
it's good to be better to enjoy the feeling of achievement after the practice.

it's up to you to believe.
by toshidensetsu. laugh

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  1. i didn'n liked his hear when it's too long but i loved his style in SGSB his hear with it's normal color is just great . demo I want to see how he loke like after the hear cut

  2. agree with you! i like his hair during SGSB period. personally, i don't like his hair permed and long :S