Tuesday, June 14

[EDIT] vol.2534

there isn't any update from pi-chan.

instead of a no-update on the 13th, pi did update on this date ^-^
please find below for the 13th June update:


recently, daytime had lengthen.

it's about time for the changing of the season.

soon, it will be summer.

every year, during this time of changing from spring to summer

my tension will seriously increase.

are you a plant! http://www.emocutez.com

i'm a person who will get totally affected by the environment.

please take care of me.

yesterday, in the middle of the night, i had ramen http://www.emocutez.com

credit baidu

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you make me hungry!!!! X)
i wanna eat ramen now!!!!!!

but the ramen indeed look v delicious.
from the picture taken, seems like he went to a ramen shop to eat (ie. this isn't cooked by him).

original posting:-
date: 5.15.2011
time: AM1:15

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