Tuesday, June 28



it seems like the hot weather will be continuing for a while more, how will you be spending it?
for me, i will be watching movies, reading books and frying some sunny side-up.

still, i received a lot of questions. (^o^)

thanks everyone!

さき☆san's question "konbachiwa! to be able to always read your nikki, i'm very happy (*^0^*) question!! soon it will be my semester examination, normally how will yamap do your revision before the examination day? please tell me (^o^)"

examination~. make people depressed. well once you have put in the effort, you will feel the great feeling of satisfaction + freedom (laugh).

approximately one week before the examination date, i will start revising bits by bits. doing things at the last minute requires a lot of effort, therefore doing things one step at a time will be the best! さきchan examination Fight!

question from robin san "i'm bad at scissors, paper, stone. yamashita kun, are you good at it?"

i'm super good at it.

red glasses san's question "how to overcome obstacles in life?"
in the end i will be sleeping continuously, or visit the karaoke, to perspire at the sports stadium.
you will be completely recover this way (^o^)

question from nan san "what are the things which you have a passion in (^^)?"

right now it will be watching movie and listening to music, after which it will be giving some thoughts on my work!

question from ruko san "question for yamap. in what writing style is the nikki written? (example "in the room..."or "while traveling in the car" etc)"

every day will be different~
to mention, right now i'm in my house living room

from time to time, in the future, the question corner will be opened~

ikuta toma's question came.

i shall reply him in a few days time (laugh).

hungry for comments and they are love!
please write it in the cbox located at the sidebar
or you can post your comments in the comment box beneath this post ^^

did toma ask a lot of questions?
is yamapi going to dedicate 1 day nikki for toma's question?

it's pretty cool to receive pi's reply to you in this manner.
this way,
fans from every corner of the world will know you have ask him this question.
however, it's a pity that he will filter those question that will put him in a difficult position (eg. the panties color question. lol!)

looking forward to what yamapi will be answering in the next nikki entry :)

*PS: pi, please update your nikki often~! ^^

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