Thursday, June 30




today's question is from Ikuta Toma san, Hokkaido

"ah. right now i'm also doing Ikuta Toma's family garden activity! you will answer my question properly, right? ano, you will definitely read this mail, wouldn't you? right? hence, i shall raise my question, what's your favorite underwear color? similar to yamaP chan's manliness."

this fellow is to be up to mischief. (laugh)
truthfully speaking i'm okay with whatever color.

but if Ikuta Toma were to wear a yellow underwear, i will not like it
(laugh) .

everyone please pardon Yamashita's indiscretion.
right now, i'm wearing a black underwear (laugh).

yeah right, it's boxer brief.

it doesn't matter what my underwear is

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hilarious entry!! XD
toma did a nice job!
i was a little surprised that he mentioned what underwear is he wearing, that moment.
i thought he would give toma a little scolding and end the nikki off quickly.
but nope!
he went to tell us what he is wearing now :D

nice surprise.
by the way, i practically lol-ed while reading this entry.

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