Saturday, October 15



to everyone who support NEWS. because of my decision and made you sad, i'm truly sorry. i made this decision after having some thoughts.
even though we will be walking on different paths, NEWS members and me, hope that everyone will continue to keep up with their genki-ness, and to continue holding onto their hopes.

after today there might be a possibility that i will be facing some new challenges, but i will continue to work hard with the experiences i gained when i'm in NEWS.

even though the route we will be taking will be different, i hope that everyone becomes a positive opponent encouraging each other on.

in order to spend a wonderful time with the fans, from today onwards, i shall work hard on it, to accomplish each job seriously.
thank you for the continuous attention all of you have given me. and also thank you to the members for understanding my decision.

tomorrow onwards, i will update my nikki

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