Friday, April 15



recently, the weather had been great
i'm in a great mood too

truly felt that spring is really here

recently, i'm able to change my perspective to view certain problem.

felt that if i were to only stay in an angle to view a certain goal
there will be a great amount of problems being neglected.

in addition, goals keep evolving, the surrounding around a situation will change too.

i also felt that
we need to treat goal seriously, moreover, to improve oneself continuously.
indeed we can't take life lightly.

meanwhile, this attitude had become the catalyst to maneuver emotion

for tomorrow, everyone must work hard today!

following is what i've heard from the radio!
when planning to stop electricity
husband mumbles
this way we save a lot electricity 
really is optimistic

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  1. Yamapi's always taking his goals very seriously.
    I want to learn to be like him