Saturday, April 2



i feel that no matter when, to put on a happy smile
this feeling is very important.

right now we are going through the difficult times
if everyone were to face it with a happy attitude
will definitely restore genkiness quickly

today is the charity activity of [Marching J].

lots of people gathered on-site
truly very happy.

thank you, everyone!

after which, went to Osaka to hold my concert

saw lots of smiles
i became genki too.

thank you

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we should say thank you to you and your agency too,
for holding such an event to help those in need at this moment.
read that a total of 100,000 fans came to site.
the amount collected must be unimaginable!

i think JE should hold this kind of event on a long-term basis,
not only to help those in need, this time because of the 311 disaster, but to also help those low income families too.
but i'm still glad that JE hold this event to help the victims.
to see the smiles and feel the warm concerns from the JE boys, it indeed help to raise the genkiness of the country.

and ganbatte yamapi for your upcoming concerts!!

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