Tuesday, April 19



today, i returned from Korea 

16th, 17th these 2 days, i had concert in Korea

it was a success.

although to be said Japan fans' passion are something to be anticipated 

i was touched by Korea fans' enthusiasm!!

those screaming are loud

after which i experienced a lot of things which i have not experience before

once again, i felt everyone's warm.

tension became high!

i'm thinking of using these feelings to become the motivation for the next concert

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i've seen the stage layout for his concert in Korea.
it's something unusual - the extension from the main stage is from the corner of the hall.
somehow, i think it gives a fresh look to the overall look of the concert.

in addition,
Jaejoong (JYJ) twitted on his twitter account wishing pi to work hard in his Korea concert!!

hence, i think in pi's fandom world,
soon there will be another pairing for pi - jaepi :D

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  1. JaePi :] I'm open to that pairing