Sunday, July 18




yesterday, while in the car,
coincidently heard massu's radio show.

very massu's style
very interesting.

felt that the air seemed to be solidified 

it's good to be in this way 

today, the weather wasn't that bad too!

because it's Summer!

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he must have miss NEWS members.
that is why he put in this effort to mention massu in his entry,
even though it seems like nothing much had been discussed on the radio show =X
( don't bash me, i'm just assuming by referencing from this entry X] )

and yeah!
SUMMER is here!
one thing i like about Summer is the colors that people choose when they are selecting apparels to wear,
and also the BEACH!!!
~the warm sunshine, the sandy beach and the smell of the salty seawater~

although pi's new single will be releasing this Summer,
his outfit isn't Summer-like ne~
maybe it's because the music genre isn't like Summer Time whereby it's cheery and happy.
hopefully, NEWS can release a single in this Summer.
so as to make my Summer even brighter and happier! =)


  1. Thank you for the translate =)))
    I think Massu is really cute. ^^
    YamaPi must have miss him and NEWS
    If they start a new project together, it would be nice, wouldnt be, x::mRsyamaPi::x ? ;)

  2. you're welcome :) of course! it will be great. i can imagine the tears of joy which will be running down all fans' cheek when they announced this. haha!

  3. MASSUPI~! I find this very cute ^0^
    I definitely think NEWS will release something in the summer,
    probably announced sometime August, maybe it won't have a summer feeling to it but maybe like fall since it seems they work with seasons sometimes... that's my guess
    Ne, did you listen to the Radio Rips of My Dear, and Flavor Favor For You? Or are you waiting for the singles to be released?

  4. @newsxo: hopefully, your guess is right~ otherwise, it's another empty year for NEWS~ *sobx sobx* i haven't listened to it yet. no time to download it and listen. therefore, i think i shall wait for the single to be released, then listen to it properly. in addition, it will be much higher and better quality than the rips. haha.

  5. this mean that he news hear other member radio...

    very massu's style
    very interesting.

    so sad <_<