Wednesday, July 28




today, i was at Nagoya ☺
done a huge amount of promotion activities for 「One in a million」!

they are very friendly people
i've become so in love with Nagoya Image and video hosting by TinyPic

thought of going again (^O^)

tomorrow morning, i'll start my promotion activities
in Osaka! ☺

i will work hard (^O^)

tomorrow, 「One in a million」 starts selling!

the thought of thinking of everyone listening to my song

worked very hard to produce it!

i thought, no matter which tune
it will be great to be able to reach everyone's heart ☺

so, see you tomorrow ☺

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original posting:-
date: 7.29.2010
time: AM12:39

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  1. Nagoya, I'll put that on the list of places to visit ^_^
    Thanks Pi!