Monday, July 19




today, a festival was held near my house.

the music which was used for dancing and which i used to hear when i'm young,
was being played.

felt so reminiscing

even though today i can't attend it
it made me want to attend the summer festival!

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Tanabata Matsuri ga chikazuku yoru wa

all of a sudden,
i can imagine all the fireflies flying in the night sky

by the way, does fireflies come out during the summer?

*i'm clueless*


  1. Summer festival... It sounds nice =)
    I think fireflies come out during the summer and spring ^^ You can imagine :D :D
    Thank you for nikki again =)
    You are really good at both English and Chinese

    x::mRsyamaPi::x 何があっても諦めないでね ;)

  2. "Did you know~" (Massu line from Soukon) that fireflies hibernate over winter; emerge in the spring, so yes, there still out for summer ^_^
    Now I want to attend the summer festival too Pi...
    the closest that I have to a festival is the Seaside celebration next week, Pi make sure by the end of summer you have least relaxed and went to one summer festival ^0^

  3. @Dilara: *i'm imagining* and you're welcome ^^
    thank you, frankly speaking, my English ain't that good as my Chinese. ie. my Chinese is better :D and what does that Japanese sentence mean? i can only understand little by little, like something something don't give up?! haha! please "enlighten" me :)

    @newsxo: oooh~ really!? thanks for this bit of info. haha! now i know something about the fireflies~ ^-^ ahh~ at least your country has the seaside celebration. mine has none!!!!!!! horrible!

  4. =)
    Wow, you're really wonderful =)
    I think chinese is really difficult language. :D
    The sentence's mean: No matter what happens, don't give up =)=)

  5. Waah~! That Summer festival DOES sound tempting!! Sg don't have such Festivals ...not much ne? haha xD

  6. @Dilara: hmm. Chinese isn't that difficult. when you watch lots of Taiwan idol dramas and variety shows, you can better understand and remember it. haha! woo~ thank you for the sentence~! ^-^

    @Claire: nope. Singapore don't have much. as our country is Summer all year long. haha!