Thursday, July 8




the rainstorm is so big.

is everyone okay?

to me who doesn't like to bring umbrella, it is my powerful enemy.

i pursue the ideology of not holding an umbrella when it is drizzling.

it has no special meaning
just that, find holding an umbrella is a hassle

everyone in order to prevent sudden rainstorm, will still carry an umbrella.

getting flu in Summer feels horrible.

today, i went dancing.

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dancing is the best

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  1. Haha! I don't take my umbrella too when it's drizzling.

  2. wanna know what I kept thinking?
    Wet Yamapi in the rain! LOL I'm sorry! It just stuck in my mind! Although, Pi's right. Be careful in rainstorms. ^_^

  3. Rainstorms ^_^ They can be really fun, or they can be very troublesome, depending how bad the rainstorm gets...
    Sometimes I dont carry an umbrella when its just a drizzle, i find it a hassle
    Only if there is an important event, then I will definitely carry an umbrella if it's drizzling

  4. YaMaP have tried very same.
    Thanks for uploading diary of the drug Pi.
    Are always trying to be the next.

  5. @mimi-chan17: haha! great thoughts! pi in his wet blouse *dreaming + nose bleeding* :D