Thursday, July 15




today's weather is very good.

the day before yesterday, i went for the recording
of Shounen Club which it's been a while since i attended, very happy.

singing in front of the audience
i'm very happy.

initially thought of giving the live audience a surprise appearance,
didn't expect that i will be welcomed enthusiastically, thanks everyone!

truly thinking of wanting to quickly sing to everyone who are reading
this nikki entry! (^O^)

even though it's very hot,  we shall take care of our body
don't get heatstroke ☺

hungry for comments and they are love!
please write it in the cbox located at the sidebar
or you can post your comments in the comment box beneath this post ^^

sorry, yesterday while i was reading this nikki entry,
i fell asleep (recently, my sleepy bugs are v strong, when the clock strikes 12, my conscious and eyelid became v heavy, v sleepy and then i couldn't fight back and fell into a v v v deep slumber.)

right now,
i'm in my work office translating this nikki entry,
with my heartbeat racing v fast as my chairman's office is right behind my seat.
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therefore, i shall quickly put these thoughts into words
and publish it.


  1. Thanks for risking it to post this up!

  2. Ganbatte at work ^0^

    Pi is singing to me right now well your at work
    It's short but good quality ^_^ Especially if you listen to it loudly like Pi suggested

  3. Pi on Shounen club!! YAAAY!

  4. @cheekmunk0409: haha. you're welcome. by receiving all of your comments back (pi's fans), it's worth it. hehe.

    @newsxo: yup! i will work hard on it! hehe. thanks for the link. unfortunately, i can't follow pi's suggestion in playing it loudly. as my office is v quiet. a slight noise by someone, can be heard by everyone in the office. and i don't dare to take the risk. hehe.