Wednesday, July 7




today is the 2400th volume nikki!

really written quite a lot.

to be able to continue till now
is because of everyone's
continuous reading.

truly extremely thankful!

right now,

One in a million (cover B song(s), booklet and so on) is about to complete,
in my heart, i feel like
letting everyone to see it soon.

meanwhile, anticipating to know what everyone think of it,
i feel unease too!

i feel that the dance and the song are very happy and matches the Summer so much, hope it gives everyone enjoyment!

together with this feeling
One in a million was produced
please anticipate year 2010, Summer, together!

hungry for comments and they are love!
please write it in the cbox located at the sidebar
or you can post your comments in the comment box beneath this post ^^

his nikki was updated!!!!
it seem that he was busy with the production of One in a million, that leads to 3 consecutive days without update.

and! he didn't "congratulate" his bestie, Happy Birthday, in his nikki!!

no PIN love~ :(
it's okay~ hehe.

in addition,
i can't wait to see the choreography ^-^


  1. Yay, finally an update! Thanks so much. I'm hoping to hear fan sightings of Pin too...

    And I like your new background alot. It's easier to read now, and I feel like it's the ocean^_^

  2. Thanks for the translation. I can't wait to see a live performance of one in a million. I'm liking this song.

    Oh...and your background is pretty now, easier to read than before. I love oceans ^^

  3. :O No PIN love~ No Massu love either~
    I'm betting Pi sent Massu a text since that seems how they communicate when they don't have work together...
    i can't wait to see the choreography too

  4. aww...hes been very busy ne..
    n no pin love!!! why pi? why? *cries*
    thanks for translating!

  5. @cheekmunk0409: you're welcome :) and thanks for complimenting on my new background picture. hehe.

    @newsxo: yup! recently i keep reading that massu keep sending mail to yamapi via handphone.