Friday, July 9




this time, in this single
i composed lyric and tune after a long time.

the song title is
World is yours

once in a while, there will be times when you'll feel distress and be grieved
but if you were to believe in yourself
and bravely advance forward, surely
you will be able to counteract all difficulties.

it is this kind of,
proactive song

please look forward to it

Summer is here!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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  1. Now I really can't wait to listen to World is yours ^0^
    And yes Pi, Summer is here! I can definitely feel that summer is here, and I can only expect that it will get hotter where I live

  2. You're really so fast!
    Thank u so much!
    I'll wait your new entries =)))

  3. @newsxo: on the contrary, even though Summer is here, it's raining quite often over here in my country :D

    @Dilara: haha. you're welcome :) and the new entries are in, have you seen it yet? hehe.