Saturday, July 31




today will be Music Station

right now, i'm getting ready to make an appearance.

[One in a million]
is a song which a lot of time was spent
and the gathering of everyone's strength
to collaborate to complete it.

because it's something which a lot of hard work had been put into
therefore, i'm thinking
that it will be great if everyone were to like it

next, i want to happily sing with all my might

so, see you tomorrow

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oh no!
yamapi will be so disappointed if he were to see my thoughts about [One in a million].

anyway, last night,
i went to buy his [One in a million] limited edition B.

i want the A version!!!!!!
the counter girl said that Singapore might not be importing the version A as it contains the DVD.
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*what the hell~*

local company is always like this.
don't they know that the single will be sold out asap,
if they were to import it in?!
money for them to earn, yet letting go of this opportunity.


right now, i'm hoping that the limited edition A, taiwan version single
will be available online (eg. Yesasia, etc).

after i have take some photos of the single,
i shall post it up here.
待ってね! ;)


  1. Ne, did you download the SBS footage from news_jpop? I did, it's pretty good quality, I stayed up until the early morning so I could watch all of SBS ^_^

  2. nope. i didn't download. i can't find the time these few days, to sit down and download it >.< however, i've ordered OIM version A. hence, i'm able to watch it on my teevee when i received it from my friend :)

    haha. it's your school vacation now?! so you downloaded and watched the entire thing? was it exciting?! it's a pity that the moonlight performance wasn't in the DVD. i would love to see the flirtatious side of pi, walking towards the lucky fan while singing the chorus part. the fancam available online isn't that clear. hope to see it in HD, on my teevee :D