Saturday, July 3



today too, the weather is hot right?

recently, it has been hot and stuffy
very uncomfortable!

all the songs in 「One in a million」single
which i am releasing on 28th July,
have been completed, finally
slightly heaved a sigh of relief

this time too, together with a lot of staff crew, we've worked hard
gathered everyone's power and finished producing it!

there should be a song which everyone is satisfied!

i feel that the person i am now, and the person i am in the group
is different!

hope everyone support me!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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the covers for this single is OUT!!!




thanks amakoi@LJ for informing us at news_jpop!!

what do all of you think about the covers?
i think all of them look fabulous!
even though it's a bit plain,
it's simple but somehow artistic.
don't you think?! :)

and pi's hair is ♥~!!
hopefully he can maintain this hair till i-don't-know-when.

also the songs was broadcast on Recommen!!

Yamapi - One in a Million

credit newslovwforever@YT

i think the song so-so only
*oops =X*


  1. thanks for sharing this!!! XD
    Pi looks so good right now!!! :3
    I wanna see them as group, together!!! D:

  2. I tried staying up to listen to the preview >.< But I missed it
    very simple covers, but i keep looking back at Loveless and I think could there have been more done, but I like these, simplistic~ ^_^
    The song! I think it's great beat, because it would make it
    easier for me to convince my non-JE friends to listen to it so as Pi said there should be a song which everyone is satisfied! but my mind
    might change once the lyrics are out (but probably not) Can you imagine if NEWS did songs like these...

  3. @chinx-00: you're welcome :)

    @newsxo: haha! don't be disappointed, i've embedded the song preview video in this entry :) nope. i can't imagine. it will ahve a fresh feeling if NEWS did this song. how about you? what do you think?!