Saturday, July 17

no entry

once again,
pi-chan didn't update his nikki~


  1. Must be working hard in promoting One In a Million
    Ganbatte Pi

  2. Thank you so much for giving information to us ^^
    And i really respect you. Because you're a considerate person answering people who are commenting for nikki ^^
    Thank you for everything ~~ =)
    I'll definetily comment again ^_^

  3. @newsxo: i really wonder what he is busy with these few days? yup! maybe appearing on tv programs to promote OIM. miss him~! >.<

    @Dilara: thank you so much for your comment, and you're welcome, it's my pleasure to share pi's nikki in an universal language ^^ and of course, to listen to what fans have to say about that particular day nikki. it's interesting as i get respond on certain things which i don't see it/appear in my mind when i'm translating it. therefore, do comment again/often xP *looking forward to it*