Thursday, July 29



PM 8:43

Osaka promotion
just ended (^O^)

i will update tomorrow

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[One in a million] single is out today!!
have you got your copy?!
do all of you like it?!

to tell you the truth,
i didn't order my copy -.-
as i'm planning to order the Taiwan version instead.

i love the photos taken for all the jacket covers (as in not just the jacket cover cover, but those photos inside the jacket cover :] ) !!!!!!!!!!!
i like how it was taken,
and the colors too.

when the scans appeared online a few days ago (or last week, i can't really remember sorry),
i was memesrized by it.
i enlarged the photos and began slowly appreciating how the photos were taken,
and i love how his muscle was showing.

it's like one minute you see it, and next you don't.
great job done, seriously!


  1. hi ~ :)
    can you share the link where I can download the album scans?

  2. Osaka!
    I like how the jacket cover photos are so artistically simplistic ^_^