Tuesday, July 27




suddenly, it started to rain!

definitely, it's impossible for me to bring an umbrella 

but because i'm near my house, i wasn't drench

「One in a million」 is about to start selling, therefore slightly nervous

produced a single with all my might and effort. i've planned to buy it myself too

everyone please listen to it

should say, please definitely listen to it

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i heard that pi don't bring umbrella wherever he go.
so it's true :D

i used to not bring umbrella whenever i go out.
but! in order not to get sick and also not get irritated by the rain,
i brought umbrella and it had became my habit.

and lol!
yamapi is so cute to want to buy his single himself.

hope his single can sell v good and get number 1 in all charts.

original posting:-
date: 7.28.2010
time: AM12:20

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  1. haha, Pi buying his own single ^_^
    I would bring a umbrella, but it doesn't rain hard enough here to bring one, it's always just a drizzle when it rains