Thursday, July 22




the weather today was so hot.

even though i love Summer,
the heat was a little unbearable Image and video hosting by TinyPic

today, filmed the whole day.

can't wait to see the finished product Image and video hosting by TinyPic

tomorrow, let us work hard together too Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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"..let us work hard together.."
let us?
why us?

and filming?

hint, hint and more hints
pi loves giving hints.

let's shall wait and see


  1. maybe it's something for NEWS? a new PV? something related to the concert? kyaa~ (^.^)
    thank you for translating ♥

  2. Yeah, there are really a lot of secrets haha :D
    Thanx so mcuh for translation ^^

  3. you're welcome ByBy and Dilara.

    @ByBy: huh! are word strikes me. the shooting might be for the opening video for their upcoming concert!! ^-^

  4. Opening video, I hope,
    I also hope Takki will direct this one ^_^

  5. @newsxo: yup! i hope so too! he did a great job in the diamond concert opening video. he brought out each member's charm and the way it was filmed (the flow) is nice too. love it! ^-^