Friday, July 30




yesterday and the day before
did promotions in Nagoya and Osaka!

very happy!

all the people in Nagoya and Osaka
are kind and gentle good people

my friends who have watched the programme said,
"the dance isn't that bad!"

being praised!

extremely happy

immediately, informed my choreography teacher

tomorrow's Music Station, i will work hard too Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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to memotsuki and everyone who are interested in getting the jacket cover scans of pi's latest single:
with watchful21's permission,
i am pleased to share the webpage where you can download pi's cover scans!!!!!!

photo credit: naver/watchful21/inala

it's right here, in this link ↓

if you ever repost this scans in your website, FB, myspace or whatever,
please, i say PLEASE remember to credit them (naver/watchful21/inala).

i see them asking people to credit them as they've found out that people are taking their scans without crediting them, and WORST not asking them for permission.

it's such a simple task, it just takes up a couple of seconds or milli-seconds of your life.
just do it ~

original posting:-
date: 7.31.2010
time: PM1:37

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  1. Music station~! I like this performance the most♥