Friday, July 2




today, i went to the gym!
it's been long i've never use exercise
to change my mood.

recently, over here
riding bicycle is a very popular thing.

during good weather, riding bicycle
slowly through unknown street.

my mood become very good

everyone, when you are free, try it too! !! Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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this reminds me that i've never ride a bicycle since i'm 16~17?
wonder will i still remember how to ride it?!

original posting:-
date: 7.3.2010
time: PM2:20


  1. header change, background change ^0^
    haha, wow I haven't ride a bicycle for a long!~ time, maybe
    even longer then you XD I think i have forgotten how to ride one...

    reply: I agree, they are engraved into your mind, one of the friends i was talking about, he's my 一番ともだち, but he moved away and we haven't been in touch for about six months, but he came back today, and we went for a ride, and we only listen to the songs that we grew up with ^_^

  2. yup~! haha. i think it's so much easier and comfortable to read than the previous layout and background. do you think so?!
    haha. then we should quickly go and rent a bicycle and ride it before we got v busy in the near future. hehe.

    ahh~ it must be reminiscing ne~ and i think that moment must be v warmth and kind neh~?! ^^ from this moment, this memory will be engraved into your mind with the song meaning being v deep :)