Wednesday, July 21




the period of the rainy season seems to have ended today

i participated in the live recording of a radio show!

One in a million』 was played Image and video hosting by TinyPic

it will be great, if everyone get to listen to it.

today, the news about NEWS holding a concert
was announced too Image and video hosting by TinyPic

we will present a joyous performance

so, please do come and play!!

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oh ya!
while at work today, i read about this piece of great news on news_jpop@LJ!!!!
i was so shocked yet excited that i opened my eyes damn big.
it must have been obvious to my colleague sitting in front of me =X
i'm so so so happy that they will be gathering together for the next few weeks, to prepare for the upcoming concert!

however, as i have commented in livejournal,
what new songs will they be singing?
Sakura Girl~, Koi no ABO~ and Be Funky! ?!
that's kinda pathetic, isn't it?

dear JE,
please release something for NEWS so that the number of new songs that they will be performing will increase.

and i wonder what kind of theme will they choose this time~?!


  1. "i can imagine the tears of joy which will be running down all fans' cheek when they announced this"

    Haha. Like you said, right? =))
    It's really great to hear this concert news
    Thanks for translation =)))

  2. YES~ I can comment again ^_^
    NEWS new concert, hisashiburi~!
    It's always a party with NEWS, so whatever there theme, it will be great♥