Sunday, July 4

no entry

there is no entry from yamapi yesterday.
maybe because he was busy celebrating Jin's birthday~!?

there's fan report stating that he/she/they saw them (a group of ikemens) in a pub/restaurant/anywhere else, celebrating Jin's 26th birthday :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my 2 precious boys,

Bakanishi Jin (oops! for today, i shall properly call you Akanishi Jin instead xP)


Takahisa Masuda!!!!!!
Masuda Takahisa Pictures, Images and Photos


  1. お誕生日おめでとうございます。 Akanishi Jin, Masuda Takahisa.

    Replies: I agree, it's more easier and comfortable to read on this layout, and I like how it has a "summer feeling" to it...
    I couldn't imagine it either if NEWS sang a song like One In a Million, I just thought about the question because Pi said "i feel that the person i am now, and the person i am in the group
    is different!"

  2. (o.o) summer feeling to it?! ehh~ i didn't notice that. haha. i use the background because it sort of coincide with pi's latest weider-in CM. haha.