Thursday, July 1




haven't seen each other for three days

these three days, i was busy till i have no time to update 

right now, i'm also listening to music

is a song which was popular then

recall some things which happened that time.

and to reminisce too.

the time went passed quite fast.
this year, already half a year was gone

for the remaining half a year, i will give my best too!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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  1. its fun listening to songs that were popular back then,
    because as Pi said, you recall things from back then,
    I remember I was with some friends just driving randomly
    (like what Pi does XD) and then some back in the day songs came on,
    and we didn't just recall things, but we almost relived them too
    because we were at our highest tension when those songs came on

  2. Really very relevant artical with the topic it is good work.

  3. @ThundeR: you're welcome ^^

    @newsxo: yup! i agree. and songs which you like since then, somehow it has engraved into your mind without you knowing. don't you think so~ hehe. i love listening to songs which i had grown up with :)